SEY Program

Sexually Exploited Youth Program

Since 2007, The Embracing Project has provided specialized, trauma-informed services to Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) and youth victims and survivors of sex trafficking. 

Human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children/youth remains prevalent internationally, nationally, and locally in TEP’s local Las Vegas area. The consequences of this far-reaching trafficking epidemic is the severe mental, physical, and emotional trauma of thousands of children, youth, and adults.

Our Sexually Exploited Youth program provides victims and survivors, aged 12-21, with specialized, trauma-informed services established to aid them on their healing journey.

The Embracing Project utilizes a strength-based approach tailored to meet the individual social, emotional, and developmental needs of each unique youth that enters our program.

Drop-in Center

The Embracing Project operates the only drop-in center of its kind for sexually exploited youth. All TEP team members are trained in the Sanctuary Model, which creates a resilient, structured, tolerant, nonviolent, cohesive, and safe space in which our clients can heal. 


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TEP Advocates

Eligible youth will be taken through a comprehensive intake and needs assessment to determine the most appropriate treatment and safety plan. Youth are assigned an advocate to model positive pro-social behaviors and provide one-on-one supportive services. 


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